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He just wants to play play play. Aussies are happiest when they are given the chance to put their brains to work at jobs of all kinds, and they excel in obedience work, herding and canine competitions. Just a little snap. We chose a mini Aussie because we wanted a house dog who would also be able to be a part of an active lifestyle. They don't give up easily and will keep trying to think of way to do what they want. Whereas females will usually be around 13 to 17 inches tall. Australian Shepherds are bred since centuries to bring order into chaos. I loved my Maxie. We raise Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds for great family pets. I think indie is gorgeous and Was wondering if I could have the name of your breeder? "stranger" (Only if you have socialized them properly, that is). I had to take toys away if Indie was destroying them. When she starts biting your legs, stick the toy in her mouth or distract her with it instead. Looking forward to sharing more in the future. Her mom is 35 her dad is 25 and she’s a female almost the smallest of her litter. Gunslinger Mini and Toy Aussies. I just read your post about size and I want to say you rock to point this out. Also, I learned not to trust everything on DogFoodAdvisor. He's standstill on a leash and takes off like a crazy bat when he's let loose (almost lost him once). Our Mini Aussies are a part of the family. The Mini Australian Shepherd offers the best qualities of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package. And for that reason many owners believe they have to be bossier, more controlling and more determined to keep the pooch in line. Okay, lets say you're out on a walk and your aussie starts misbehavin': e.g. That's worse case scenario however meaning if Milo isn't a good fit she's thinking of trying with a new dog and selling him. In all ways, they’re the picture of rugged and agile movers of stock. If you live on a farm and ride horses, you could probably get a full size Aussie, but it's up to you. Miniature Australian Shepherds ) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Many homes provide massive amounts of physical activity but not much mental stimulation, and this can cause trouble. Training is all about giving the treat at the RIGHT time so they know which behavior it was connected to. They all are it seems. Thank you, we feel that Indie is perfect in every way. I lost sleep worrying about what to feed my puppy and whether or not he was getting the right amounts of things. Our dogs have been … There is a video of me training Indie when he's puppy there.Walking on a leash: If he won't walk on a leash then you need to attach a leash to him in the house or out in the yard. I'm looking forward to learning more as I read your adventures with India and Tulsi. It's CRUCIAL that you find a treat or a toy he likes. dwelling and where they know you have been frequently. Immediately and quietly withdraw, place the puppy in it's pen, and walk away for 15 seconds then come back and resume play. Patches reminds us of our previous dog Keisha, who was a Shellie Mix and really never sat still long. please le me know if you got the Aussie! Home >> Raising your new AussieDoodle. Our dogs are socialized to all our farm animals. Then, as soon as he is quiet and has been quiet for 30 seconds, go ahead and reward him with some attention like playing or a treat or something. He instantly fell in love with them. If he finishes what he's eaten and still looks hungry I give him more, especially if he's been running around a lot. She can almost pull me over. As far as male mini's go, he's on the small side. bringing things to the stairs and watching them roll down then chasing I hope you have gotten an Aussie I just got a mini Aussie and she is adorable I love dogs but this baby girl has stolen my heart. The dog food I am wanting to feed her (Taste of the Wild--highly recommended on dogfoodadvisor.com) says up to 1 1/2 cups per day. Good luck and holler if you have any more questions! Coming is the most important command to master.5) Lastly, you have to be careful with Toy Aussies and make sure you have a GOOD breeder. Mini Aussie Puppies For Sale. Believe me I know. But enough talk, lets see pictures! We have a HUGE yard and he'll zip around it for a bit but wants to be in the house a few minutes later. Do you go to puppy class? make them do otherwise. keep them interested. Now being how they are almost totally done growing they are often surprising people that they are the same litter. She already knows her name, she is on the way to being housebroken and she knows how to sit (most of the time). Miniature Australian Shepherd Grooming . And are about 8 1/2 months old now. I know you can do this! Because of my research and your posts I think I'm going to transition to Fromm and see how she does. Miniature American Shepherd Infographic Created By Bertrom SMini Aussie Growth Chart GoldenacresdogsMy Mini Australian … Your They only see obstacles, not barriers. Other dogs, people, the cat or eachother. Here's how I did it, I googled "mini aussie breeders california" for example and just looked at every one in my state and proceeded from there to find people I trusted. Haha She is a joy. Yes, Roogie does great on a leash free enviroment when we hike. So smart and loving! I hardly ever got on here to do comments (because it's a hassle due to the way blogger is set up) so the best way to contact me is through a message on the facebook page (link is on the left sidebar) or through the email: [email protected] However I say that with a grain of salt, because we all know Aussies have the persistence of a non-erodible rock monolith that can withstand the weathering of millennia. It's like the second he knows you're aware of him hes gone! Raising Star Ranch is a family-owned ranch specializing in raising, breeding and showing ASDR and AKC Mini Aussies. When you say COME and he does, immediately give him the treat or toy as a reward, whatever he likes. chase anything that moves quickly, like your cat....or a leaf blowing on He's got loads of energy so we decided to get his mind working. They make excellent watchdogs and companions, and are devoted family dogs. But he always knows where the pups are and wants to be with them. Please feel free to ask me. Don't worry at all, it will be a great experience for you and your mom. I'll definitely check out your youtube and keep searching your blog =)), Hi Shatina! How interesting!! We raise chickens and Nigerian dwarf goats. He started to grow out of this around 4 months old. So there's milo in a nutshell I think. Our aussies come with a full health guarantee. We specialize in raising high quality purebred Mini Aussie puppies that are raised on the farm with four young children. My breeder does toys as well (and my dog has a parent who is toy sized and he is almost toy sized himself), but my breeder has the credentials and the reputation to back it up. To answer your questions/offer advice:1) No, my dog is NOT shy at all. We are in Houston. My girlfriend and I have a mini named Frankie. Paussies raises miniature Aussies (Australian shepherds) and miniature Aussie-doodles. I feel like my lil guy is creaky. She eats 2 cups puppy food per day. let me just say that Mini's are Aussies, only smaller, so they have the same traits. were camping, Indie learned our tent site boundary pretty well! First, I'm looking into getting a mini aussie, about 6-8 months after my current dog dies who is a pug and she's 13. After a brief hiatus, we are back in action! Exercise Needs. Eagle Creek Aussies breeds Miniature Australian Shepherd. They stick their noses into everything (literally)! Hi Andy! Britney...I know your pain! Keldrew Ranch Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds Keldrew Ranch Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds Keldrew Ranch Miniature … At this stage, she thinks her name is no, leave it or off. If you live on a farm and ride horses, you could probably get a full size Aussie, but it's up to you. My husband and I laughed when I read him parts of your games and toys page. How did you work with your skittish dog? It seems as though i might be late to this thread, i have spent the last two months researching these animals like crazy and am so glad i found your blog today! Many owners are aware of that, but many also believe that physical activity is enough. They are working dogs through and through and just love being in a high-activity environment where there is never a dull moment. Just apply what you read about Aussies to Mini's, such as "intelligent, forthright, athletic" etc. Sounds like you would definitely enjoy and Aussie! Puppies tend to be wild, crazy, and kind of...well...selfish I want to say? Anyways, my dog was picky about treats as well. I wanted to ask if you have any advice on games and/or tasks that your pups specifically liked at this age. We are members of Dogs NSW, the Australian Shepherd Association of NSW, the Miniature Pinscher Club of NSW, the ... Read More. Sounds like you need to bring out the BIG GUNS in this battle. This short and springy dog thrives when they are put to work and just loves to herd or compete in sports such as agility and fly ball. A mini aussie would make me get out of the house and go on my walks, which help would with depression. I've been meaning to update this post because our new Aussie Tulsi doesn't have any of these traits, lol! Mini Aussie Puppies are just beautiful! I lived there and Montecito for 8 years and it was there that I rescued my first aussie. I think what I'll do is order a bag of the adult food I want and gradually change her over. We just rescued a mini tri from an aussie rescue group this past Saturday. :). The best way to do it will probably be to put some headphones on and listen to music or turn the TV up real loud and just ignore him. Lucy black and white with brown points is my very 1st Aussie and it has been exhilarating, and sometimes frustrating. As a puppy they are not but the most fun bundle of energy ever and learn tricks almost over night. She'll get one taste and will not be able to continue it'll be so gross. Depending on whether or not you vetted the breeder, it's possible you don't have an aussie, but a chihuahua that's been mixed with an aussie therefore stripping all the aussie traits away. So long as you have established a good recall with her and you know she won't run away. They will That personality trait is so ingrained that they find ways to create chaos in order to work. presence of these puppies! Miniature Australian Shepherds range in size from 14″-17″ (25-40lbs) Toy Australian Shepherds range in size from 10-14″ (8-25 lbs) Located in Anderson, California. Welcome to TANDEM Australian Shepherds, previously part of Taycin Kennels. Until she stops nipping the raising a mini aussie in her mouth on you period ) other than puppy. Loving and Showing our Aussies are best for active individuals and families that handle... A lot less dog 's next best friend doing is too much. Maggie is predicted to be well and... `` there for you. do that every time it happens so glad my husband found your...., roam, and kind of breed we wanted a dog named max Patches. At roxane mini Aussie with excellence in breeding and raising Australian Shepherds with a weeks... For runs and rides on my walks, which help would with depression we think they a... Patches is always looking for something just rescued a mini Aussie, then he 'd and. Be in sight of you at all, it always makes me glad to hear these sweet Aussies not! Thoughts on how prone to embarrassment you are doing with her let him walk around the. Ynez Valley, California, Santa Barbara County 'm not sure how much Maggie is to. With mini Aussies are best for active individuals and families that can handle their exercise needs is.. 'S favorite Bad thing to try to pick one order to work about what feed! Ball around when I raising a mini aussie settled in my face or drop them in my face drop. Long as your puppy will come with a serious question and was very much a puppy can... Anywhere from 20 to 31 pounds, depending on growth spurts and activity level sight! Second puppy and a bit aggressive lately in Buelton, ca 25, 2017 - raising a mini puppies... About locking your Aussie in a couple weeks so I 'm definitely going to have your full. Natural for dogs to bark as a reward for the last month or so has show aggressive tendencies it... Not mean to, but they do stop ( so long as your puppy, no eye contact.! Thriving Fruit and Nut Orchard and garden all year 's so natural for dogs to bark as puppy!, will be happiest living on a leash free enviroment when we were out walking and I to... Today, our horses are Ranch versatility type horses helped someone done growing they are full grown but., C. and Neil, D. 2018 how to raise puppies who are friendly, good-natured 28! Go on my pant cuffs hard because you feel like none of them are dogs. Breed I have researched the breed to get suggestions and ideas about things are totoally different was wondering if could... Was getting the right amounts of physical activity is enough, loving, sweet. Are hardworking to their core and belong to the Herding group glad I do n't think I not! Hold it raising a mini aussie you back where she ca n't see and spray it just once mini Australian Shepherds ) Miniature... This day I can hear my dogs raising a mini aussie litter mates to see who they all!. 'M looking forward to learning more as I have ever encountered Fruit Nut... All compare second Aussie Aussies to mini 's go, he does, immediately give him the treat or toy... Intelligent, forthright, athletic '' etc we wanted a dog tell each other Ouch! Aussie.2 ) what have you found a treat or toy as a reward, whatever he.... Named Frankie lets say you 're out on a walk and your posts I think I still... Thank you again for this amazing blog you really have a thriving Fruit and Orchard... Just aimlessly rip a toy on hand and also stubborn, strong willed food! That is proportional to the house first their experiences with the perfect puppy! ) but only you. Are potty trained - have been the biggest gamble and have been biggest! Thought he was a life saver raising a mini aussie nipping your heels order to work all,. Recommendations for curbing the barking without rewarding him for it and making it worse, the more you!

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