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Inflight entertainment screen and huge Dreamliner windows onboard Aeromexico's 787-9 business class. If you are taller than six feet, however, you might find the configuration a little tight. The salad was a garden variety salad with bacon bits. Seats on AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy 737-800 aircraft are in a three-three configuration, same as economy. Aeromexico is the premier international airline and flag carrier of Mexico. Aeromexico has two different Boeing 787 models in its fleet. The best thing about Aeromexico’s configuration is the amount of storage space. However, about 40 minutes after I woke up, I was feeling peckish with 30 minutes to São Paulo, so I flagged down a flight attendant and asked for breakfast. If one thing could be added on the drinks front, it would be nice to see Aeromexico take the opportunity to promote some of Mexico’s wide range of artisanal mezcals. Despite the ongoing health crisis, Aeromexico offered pre-departure beverages. The Economy Class cabin features 238 “ergonomic seats” with individual 11-inch touchscreens (also 2″ larger than what the airline offers on its other aircraft) offering variety of movies, TV shows, music and a seat-to-seat chat system. The 16-seat cabin (four rows of 2-2) has 39 inches of seat pitch and a legrest. Here’s what we thought about the experience during the pandemic. I love a great nature trip but I'm especially fascinated by infrastructure, urbanism, and how design can make or break our cities and how we move around and between them. The main disadvantages of the seats of the 21st row are: limited recline and location of the lavatories behind. It was well-stocked and had a lot of useful products. In this configuration, I found it easiest to sleep on my side, as there was plenty of room in the footrest, and the bed was the perfect length for me. The lack of menus does mean, at times, you’re doing a little bit of guessing as to what you’re eating, but it is a small detail. Pre-departure beverages of juice or water was offered on each flight. Aeromexico packaged the blanket, pillow, and headphones in one package. Up in the bulkhead, it did not feel like I had much more room, but there was still plenty of room for my feet and storage for my shoes underneath. First three rows located behind first class seats are classified by Aeromexico as AM Plus seats to book which an extra fee must be paid. I could not directly see anybody next to me in row one, which is not something you get in other products. In between I've been to 50 countries and counting, and I speak decent Spanish, French and Japanese. Boeing 738-800 operated by Aeromexico offers 160 seats of three types: 16 seats of clase premier type (correspond to first class seats), 18 seats of AM Plus type and 126 seats of the economy class. The only widebodies Aeromexico currently flies are 787s (they retired their 777s earlier this year). My main areas of expertise are commercial aviation and loyalty programs, but I've covered everything from cars to food, music in Haiti to an environmental showdown in Chile. The colors and materials are all inoffensive and have a quality feel. Learn more. Sign up to our daily aviation news digest. Perhaps Aeromexico could look at options to providing the menu on the inflight entertainment system instead of passing out paper menus. Recently, Simple Flying had the opportunity to fly the airline from Mexico City to São Paulo. The best part about this was that it was responsive and intuitive, and it was not placed in a position where you would accidentally hit it midflight. In-seat power, a personal on-demand entertainment system, and fully flatbed reclining seats make for our most comfortable ride yet. I chose Seat 7A, a window seat in the second-to-last row of the larger forward cabin. Once airborne, the flight attendants (FAs) first handout earbuds for the a/v system. The 32 seats were spread across two cabins and were arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration. Most flights between the two countries are operated by narrow-body planes with much more basic domestic-configured premium seats, so getting a seat like this is really a treat. Economy class seats are divided into two sections. There are 30 seats between the first two doors of the aircraft. The seats a reverse herringbone-style. It’s unique, local offerings like these that would stand out and stick in passenger memories. You may opt-out by. I got a side of bread with it. However, about one hour after takeoff, I was already putting my seat into the lie-flat position, which meant more time to sleep. Several flight attendants passed by me, wished me good morning, and I waited for the breakfast service. Especially in business class, the hard product has seen an improvement. There is nothing especially memorable about the food and drink on offer but it’s also perfectly good. Follow him on social media for all his latest travel updates. Make your seat change from your cell phone and save time at the airport. AeroMexico 787-8 Premier Class (business class) cabin View of the Premier Class cabin from the rear My seat (3A) for today’s flight down to MEX Here’s a slightly wider angle view showing more of the surrounding space. Aeromexico also has larger 787-9 Dreamliners in its fleet, and these planes come equipped with a muc… In between I've been to 50 countries and counting, and I speak. Buckle up and tune out with flat-bed reclining seats, LED mood lighting, dimmable windows, ample legroom, and on-demand entertainment. This aircraft flies with 18 AM Plus seats and 168 Main Cabin Economy Class seats. Due to the ongoing crisis, Aeromexico has suspended offering menus. Bid Now! I'm a writer and filmmaker, born in Manhattan, raised in Japan and the UK and now based in Stockholm. Aeromexico's 787-9 business class is private, comfortable and spacious. I selected a glass of champagne. Bid Now. The close proximity to the lavatory and galleys may be bothersome. Aeromexico operates the Boeing 737-800 on short to medium-haul fligths. Be in the know. Behind the second set of doors, there is an intimate cabin of six seats. Before and after travel, I had ensured I would be able to quarantine and be tested, so if I did pick up the virus, I would not spread it to anyone. There is also a smaller compartment, which was a handy spot to store things like a passport and boarding pass for the duration of the flight. These planes can be used interchangeably on many routes, so always pay attention to the specific type and know that you may be disappointed by a late aircraft swap). Based in Washington DC, United States. Entry restrictions can change almost overnight, though I was pretty confident that Brazil would not alter its entry protocols. Seats can be adjusted by push button and are not electrically controlled. I flew Mexico City-Tijuana - Tokyo route, and it was above average in comfort. They fly both the 787-8 and 787-9, and this is a review of the business class product on their 787-8. Aeromexico have approached everything with a simple, clean aesthetic, and no ill-advised flourishes or attempts to get especially creative. Behind that is three rows of premium economy (AM Plus), making me wonder if those last six flights in business class will stick around on a long-term basis. Have you flown long-haul international during the pandemic? I really appreciated the pillow and blanket. The breakfast was light and tasted great. The seat itself measured 21 inches w… This is where the service got strange. The seats aren’t too enclosed but they’re still very private. Aeromexico Business Class. I appreciated how it was light, airy, and easy to wolf down in 15 minutes so the flight attendants could prepare the cabin for arrival. Even when I asked for breakfast, the flight attendant was quick to offer the meal and even apologized that I would not have a lot of time to finish it. ... Bid to upgrade to Clase Premier and travel in Business Class on your next trip. Service Plan. There are totally 94 seats here. AeroMexico 787-9 Business Class Cabins. First 4 rows of seats are the seats of the first class. I'm always looking for an excuse to explore a new place. Mexico City's sprawl stretches out to the horizon just before landing. Seat 3A – roomy and spacious, though the magazine pocket is a bit annoying on these seats. Aeromexico offers 36 business class seats. The seat controls were in an electronic panel located just under where the storage cubbies are up against the window. Selection of this seat is available for an additional fee. Second section of the economy class contains 12 rows of seats. Seat 1 F is a standard Business Class recliner style seat located at a bulkhead that has … Meal services have been consolidated across the board, so the entree, salad, and dessert were all served on one tray, with the salad and dessert standard across options. If you choose to continue, we will consider that an acceptance of cookie usage. 10 B: None: ... Seat 6 G is a standard Business Class seat located at a bulkhead that transforms into a fully flat bed. AM Plus. Overview This Aeromexico ERJ-190 is operated by Aeromexico Connect. Behind the second set of doors, there is an intimate cabin of six seats. Skyteam AeroMexico 737 Business Class Mexico City to New York. ... App Aeromexico. Either way it is a long flight in a domestic 1st class seat (about 5 hours). Get a Move On Clase Premier means less time at the airport and more time enjoying your trip. The second type is more upset about the ongoing crisis, a little drained, and less enthusiastic to see passengers. Given the evening departure time of the flight and the fact that I had come in on a connecting flight with a relatively long layover in Mexico City, I chose this seat ahead of time, so I could be served quickly after takeoff and then head to bed. There was another storage compartment in the armrest jutting up against the aisle. I'd like to register for offers, product promotions, and services from Aeromexico Login; We use our own cookies and third party cookies to both improve your experience on our webpage and show you ads related to your browsing. For some reason, the WiFi was not working on my phone, but it is available for passengers. The first type is thankful to have people onboard the aircraft after months of pain and ache, which continues, and they do their best to make passengers feel welcome and safe. I cover travel and transport with an eye on urbanism and adventure. Let us know in the comments! Most flights between the two countries are operated by narrow-body planes with much more basic domestic-configured premium seats, so getting a seat like this is really a treat. The layout is now 1-2-1 with the reverse herringbone style seat, compared to the 2-2-2 Diamond seat setup in the smaller Dreamliner. Separate cabin, check in, lounge access. I have a Masters in journalism from UC Berkeley and a film degree from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. These seats, i.e. That is, if it is working and that can be hit and miss with AM Seats are 2x2 angled, not lie flat. Deputy Content Manager & Lead US Journalist - Jay’s extensive travels and experience with premium products has given him incredible insight into the wider landscape of commercial aviation. Flying Aeromexico is a great experience. Aeromexico 787-9 Business Class Bar. The chicken appeared to be wrapped in a grilled ham. Food was decent, staff friendly. Aeromexico’s Clase Premier is basically an enhanced version of the regular, U.S. domestic First Class product. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. Other options include orange juice or water. Using a fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft, the airline reaches plenty of long-haul destinations across South America, Asia, and Europe. Aeromexico’s 787-8 business class product consists of B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, which are the same you’ll find in American’s A321 business class, Qatar Airways’ A320 business class, Air China’s 777 business class, United’s 787 business class, Saudia’s 777 business class, etc. In any case once you land in Mexico City there’s so much good food and drink to be had, it doesn’t matter all that much. The service on AM 737-800s followed a standard pattern. The inflight entertainment system was on-demand, and there was a great selection of movies and TV shows that will keep people occupied for a long-haul flight. For some people, saying no to long-haul international right now may be the best option. You can find the 787-9 running most days between JFK and Mexico City, and on some days between LAX and Mexico City too. Aeromexico 787 business class seats. It a a good experience for the cost. The only other thing that distinguishes AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is … In addition to its partner AeroMexico offering a couple of routes to Mexico with lie-flat seating, Delta tacks on one route to Mexico with lie-flat business class seats. The screen was also large and crisp, which reminds passengers of the modern nature of this jet. The airline has both the smaller 787-8 and the larger 787-9. Over the Phone. There is room for improvement, including a better system for serving passengers’ breakfast in the morning and better headphones, but it is a great option. I'm the Transport Correspondent for Monocle and also write for The New York Times, Scandinavian Traveler, BBC Travel and others. These seats look great as well. So, not too long after takeoff, probably about twenty minutes later, the meal service began with a round of drinks and then food. Aeromexico isn’t regarded as one of the best airlines in the world, and probably appropriately so. Have you flown on Aeromexico’s Boeing 787-9 business class?

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