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It will help to prepare your examination. Student makes corrections which are checked by examiners. Natchatran Blogs includes Technical Tutorials, E-books, Notes, Lab Manual, Question Banks, Viva questions and Interview questions for engineering students, provides all study material for cse students.-Natchatran (Prem Anandh.J) A Primary Key is one of the candidate keys. Read More: Computer Networking MCQ Questions Collections. Transistor was developed in the year 1948 at BELL laboratories. If the student agrees, the supervisor may be present at the viva. Shuseel Baral. Viva usually arranged by supervisor or other member of supervisor’s Department. The Viva Examiners viva student after a pre-viva meeting. Two parallel lines are drawn at a convenient distance apart to meet the refracting faces AB and AC of the prism. A Candidate key is minimal superkey, i.e., no proper subset of Candidate key attributes can be a superkey. 5. anticipated questions and answers), although I … 5 M. More question papers from Mobile Computing. The prism is removed. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Networking. Defending a doctoral thesis and facing viva questions is a very critical part of every research scholar. Follow. a. try b. tries c. tried d. is trying 1 Mark Q. This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question and answers for WML and WAP Programming – Practical . December 2014. Each listed page for Wireless Technologies contains collection of Interview Questions and Answers / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). May 2015. Ans: A super key is a set of attributes of a relation schema upon which all attributes of the schema are functionally dependent. A checklist of ‘viva’ issues that always come up. Defending your master thesis in front of the domain experts, co-scholars, and students is a quite interesting experience. Writing For Research. Total marks: -- ... WML script. The outline ABC of the prism is drawn on the paper. Award of PhD recommended subject to no or minor corrections. After the submission of your thesis, you will be asked to defend your research work in the “final viva voce “. Download question paper (PDF) for Computer Engineering Semester 7 - Mobile Computing exam (Mumbai University) held in May 2013 for free ... VIVA QUESTION-ANSWERS; MU Computer Engineering (Semester 7) Mobile Computing May 2013 . All question paper are classified as per semester, subject code and question type of Part A, Part B and Part C with multiple choice options as same as actual examination. Sample Questions – Viva Voce Q. 2 _____many times every winter in Frankfurt. Top ten questions for the PhD oral exam. Wireless Technologies Interview Questions and Answers This category Wireless Technologies contains the list of all topics related to Wireless Technologies. The Viva itself. to the viva. We can simply say that, a “junction transistor is simply a sandwich of one type of semiconductor material between two layers of the other type”.A transistor has three terminals namely emitter, base and collector. What are super, primary, candidate and foreign keys? No two rows can have the same value of super key attributes. A transistor is a current sensing device. A drawing paper is fixed on a horizontal drawing board. The PhD viva is an open-book exam: you can bring any materials you want.Here is what I think one should bring to the viva: a copy of your thesis, obviously - you can stick yellow `post-it' notes on it (e.g. 1 Don't make so much noise. Ashutosh _____ to study for his CSEET test.

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