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One suggestion to overcome this is to use eazyBI (add-on) with Zephyr. If your testing and development teams are currently working separately, then you’re already familiar with the silos that this causes. PractiTest is an end-to-end Test Management tool for quality assurance testing management. How can I track test case versioning inside Jira? You can keep your current projects separate from Xray, or combine them together. Our senior leadership comprises highly driven and qualified professionals who have a rich and varied career graph. All of this data is available to you using Xray’s advanced reports and gadgets. QMetry’s tailormade solutions created for the banking sector enable teams to realize continuous testing goals and build high-performance, secure and stable apps. Other tools like JIRA can be configured to support test cases management, but will not offer testing-specific features. To match the faster release velocity and high volume of production required in the era of digital transformation, everything from the processes, to resources and testing tools need to be Agile. Test Management Solution. Previous Post Design Loosely Coupled, Scalable architecture with Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS. You can set the status for a Test Run as TODO, EXECUTING, FAIL, ABORTED, and PASS. ReQtest for JIRA Test Management. Xray has enabled more collaboration, eased human-to-human communication, and helped decrease misunderstandings. The QMetry brand is trusted by 1000+ customers globally across Finance, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Education and many more. Like many management-type tools, Jira is fundamentally a repository designed to facilitate documenting and tracing issue reports. Test Sets are simple, flat lists and are grouped in a logical way. Next, choose the Xray Test Case Importer as follows: 3. Xray has native integrations with test automation frameworks like Cucumber, Selenium, JUnit, NUnit, and Robot framework to improve your team’s efficiency. Learn more. The best software teams test early and often. Xray integrates directly with the leading SDLC software: Jira. Before releasing a software product, the test management tool can systematically ease the go/ no-go decision process and provides everyone involved in the software development lifecycle (the testers, developers, analysts, or project managers) with access to the testing progress. Jira can be integrated with special add-ons to increase it’s potential. SmartBear acquired Zephyr for Jira in 2019 and now you can synchronize automated test results through SmartBear’s test automation tools. Once tests are running, you can evaluate coverage of the requirements/ stories through Xray’s reports and gadgets. PractiTest test management is fully synchronised with Jira issues and requirements, and allows you to concentrate on what is important without the overhead of using 2 systems. Get in-depth analysis on software testing trends and technology. These tests can be organized either in multiple ordered lists or in a hierarchical structure like folders called the Test Repository which is an intuitive and easy way to organize your tests for maximum visibility. Login with an administrator account and got to External Issue Import. Jira as a Tool for Test Management 1. The easy-to-use user interface supports test managers and testers in the administration, planning, execution, and evaluation of test activities. While there are several test management plug-ins that can be integrated with Jira, yet many of us often wonder how to select the appropriate one for their project needs. On Cucumber Type, select either Scenario or Scenario Outline as test type. A test management tool like Xray for Jira alleviates many of the common challenges that software testing teams face. DevOps and its components, Continuous Integration and Continuous Development are a way to speed up the rate of software delivery by integrating all of the software development functions together, including testing. It’s a full-featured tool that lives inside and seamlessly integrates with Jira. But don’t just take our word for it. When you install that app, you’ll have 7 new Jira issue types that you can use to maximize your testing activities. For each testing phase, you would use the following issues: Here’s how to kick-start your testing project in Xray: To start, you will specify the requirements for your project. Xray provides built-in reports that can be used to analyze your project in different ways, including testing progress, current requirement statuses, and others. Some of its key features include hierarchical folders for all test assets, intuitive UI, traceability between requirements, test … The tool allows integration with automation and CI tools with an API (sold separately) to access testing data programmatically. QAlity removes the knowledge barrier between developers and software testers. Do test management tools inside Jira support Next-Gen template? With Xray, this is as simple as generating the Requirements Traceability Report. Test management tools: Consolidate all of your automated and manual execution: A lot of the add-ons focus on just manual execution, BDD or TDD, but if you’re doing a Selenium automation or a custom framework, you’ll want to consolidate all of your executions in a way that also communicates with JIRA. With an increased amount of testing, more advanced test plans and strategies, it is evident that a proper test management tool is crucial. Deliver quality code by integrating testing tools directly into your Jira Software dashboard. Whiteboarding made fun with QMetry's unique take on testing concepts. It offers many features and functions for filing, linking and tracking defects. Find a host of resources to help answer your questions about QMetry in our support portal. With Xray, your testing and development teams have full visibility into each other’s work directly on Jira’s agile boards. 1. If you’re interested in test management tools, you can find Xray in the Atlassian Marketplace and try it out. Jobs: jobs@idalko.com, iDalko Belgium:+32 (0)3 808 05 89 Test Case Management Plug-ins for Jira. If you dream big and dare bigger, we'd like to hear from you. You can add a testing management tool to Jira. There are many combinations and ways to organize your tests, you can figure out what works best for your organization. For companies like medical device manufacturers who have to meet strict FDA and ISO audits, it is crucial to ensure they’ve met all the requirements and to provide proof of the requirements traceability. A Test Case Management Tool that enables you to deliver high-quality software with multiple integrations, test reports, in-built requirements, and mind mapping tools. Powerful, versatile and supremely capable, Zephyr is popular with JIRA users. Tests can be executed from Jira on Jenkins and Bamboo, and the results of … Zephyr for JIRA is a native application that exists in JIRA and brings quality test management capabilities to any JIRA project. Designed to address the specific needs of each testing role, TestQuality also continually facilitates real-time communication and collaboration between team members to help your keep your team running efficiently, in-touch and always well informed. Test Management for Jira is a QA and Test Management app inside Jira. Check them out here. When you integrate your testing into Jira, the leading agile software project management system, you merge development and testing together under one integrated toolset. Zephyr for Jira allows seamless integration of testing into the project cycle, enabling users to create, plan and execute tests from inside of Jira. You can analyze coverage by stories, requirements, and even bugs, making it a useful metric that you can customize to your needs. Plan > Manage > Test > Track > Report > Share When Zephyr is used with JIRA, the test can be created, viewed in any JIRA project, and executed immediately or as part of a testing cycle that may be linked to other issues. When testing and development are using the same tool, there’ll be more collaboration, transparency, and communication. Our customer experience team is ready to answer any questions. Because Xray uses issue types for mapping test concepts, you can organize your projects to best suit your organizational needs. With an increased amount of testing, more advanced test plans and strategies, it is evident that a proper test management tool is crucial. The test management tool should support integrations with the most popular third-party issue management tools such as Jira. A real-time poll of the webinar audience found that the 61% were using Jira for a test management tool, 26% spreadsheets, and 10% proprietary tools. SQIT videos feature Software Quality Insights and Trends. Issue Types for Test Management Meeting your requirements is one of the most important aspects of software testing. Test case management apps in the Atlassian Marketplace make using Jira applications for testing simple.. Organizing your tests is a crucial part of your daily testing activities. TestQuality is a fully interactive real-time team test management platform that supports all the key roles in every testing effort. Xray for Jira is a Test Management tool that provides the structure to organize, plan, and report with accuracy on the progress of … Get test management and QA tools for Jira. There are some integration options with other tools like Crowd, Capture and Confluence as well. JIRA Issue Relationships Main issues Sub-tasks Links 6. Try Now . To create a Test Plan, go to the menu and click on “Test Plan.” From here, you can create a new folder, and select all of the Tests you want to track for this Test Plan, for example, in a given version. Test management tools simply consolidate several aspects of testing into one place. Test Case Lab . This way, you can easily track your work and all your activities including testing ones in your issue tracker or agile board. Drag and drop interface can link user stories to the scenarios. But what is the most important for us is the traceability. Customized dashboard, detailed analysis reports provide progress on the testing activities. It makes the testing process faster, systematic, and reduces the effort associated with the execution and validation. With many cross-project reports and gadgets to track coverage, progress and quality, users can share test metrics with other teams for collaboration. The Swiss Federal Railways is the backbone of the Swiss public transport system. Without a test management tool, or simply using Excel and Word to organize your tests, you can not ensure proper quality management and the quality of your products will inevitably suffer. This enables you to lessen manual work by automating test cases and covering your story with the right test cases. It is the only test management app in the Atlassian Marketplace to have a native integration that uses Jira issue types for your testing activities. It can also generate advanced reporting that can be exported to Docx, xlsx, or pdf using Xporter. Testers can use dashboard gadgets to view test execution status and coverage. With all of these testing activities, comes the critical need for a test management strategy to plan, develop, execute, and report on all testing activities across the software development lifecycle. On Cucumber Scenario, enter the Cucumber Scenario clauses in Gherkin. Xray test management solution is based on Requirements and the process works with creation of a requirement.. Solutions. After reading this article, you should have sufficient information on selecting the right test management approach that suits your requirements, using the right test management tool. Jira has been around for some time now, and is considered a key part of the Atlassian tool family to perform defect and issue tracking. QMetry provides a set of tools designed for agile testing and DevOps teams to build, manage, and deploy quality software faster with confidence. They can get up-and-running with test management straight away because Zephyr for Jira provides an out-of-the-box Jira issue of type test. 2. JIRA Workflow Concept 5. Through well-managed and well-planned testing processes, teams can ensure that they are producing the best products possible, while making the most of the resources they have. Manage your testing efforts without hassle and focus only on managing the test coverage and execution. RTM for Jira distinguishes itself from its competitors by being a user-friendly, yet advanced and fully functional test management app. Helix TCM makes it easy to add top-notch test case management to Jira. For example, QTM4J has an import test case feature that enables you to import test cases from an Excel file into the QTM4J app. Not without the cause, it’s known as the most intuitive test management tool. No more excuses for untested code. Users can track the test execution progress in an Execution Navigator. Creating tests in Xray is easy. The company I work for has chosen JIRA to manage this project, so the tool I am looking for must have a great JIRA integration. Unify Testing and Development. To overcome the disadvantages of using Jira for test management, we can use a sandwich approach to integrate with a test management tool. There are two ways to add test case management to Jira. Some of its key features include hierarchical folders for all test assets, intuitive UI, traceability between requirements, test cases and defects. It lets users manage all tests as Jira issues allowing them to customize screens, fields and workflows. It also provides linking folders and cycles to sprints to improve traceability and two-way end-to-end traceability reports. How to Use Xray for Jira (a Step-by-Step Guide). Some of its key features include hierarchical folders for all test assets, intuitive UI, traceability between requirements, test cases and defects. Meet your agile testing goals with our efficient, enterprise-grade test management tool. TestCaseLab allows the QA engineer to create test cases, group those cases, and lastly execute test runs. Specification, development and test tools can’t live in isolation in an Agile world. Jira-integrated functional testing tool for Agile and DevOps teams with simplified test management. If the test is manual, you’ll write the description, assign a version of your software, and set the assignee and the reporter. Taking in consideration also the price for each of the plugins, it looks that Xray should be the choice for a test management solution integrated with JIRA. A robust, standalone test management solution with real-time Jira integration. As a railway company, they test both software and hardware and they have over 100.000 test cases and 1.000+ trained employees to help ensure that operations stay on track. The selection of these plug-ins depends on the project requirements, pricing, test traceability to its features/stories and bugs, reports, project development model, etc. This feature gives you immediate visibility into your testing progress and readiness to deploy. Healthcare. 1. V isit the Jira alternatives hub > Test Case Management Tools That Integrate With Jira. While Atlassian didn't design Jira as a test management tool, the product contains many native features. Test Management that’s designed to bring together all the different components of your software testing. It offers issue manager integration with famous bug tracking tools like jira, asana, trello and more. TestFLO provides full requirements traceability with a number of reports and metrics, defect tracking, smart reports module and information about test cases and defects directly on the issue view. The integrations improve the efficiency of the testers by allowing them to harness the strengths of different tools. A Holistic Agile Software Testing Ecosystem. Even blue chip companies just download a few PM tools and test. Xray’s real-time dashboard will give you all of the information you need to make decisions on releases and your readiness to deploy. Users can import Test Cases from software such as TestLink, Zephyr, CSV, or REST. Simplify testing, get the best ROI and supercharge your digital transformation. Jira doesn’t work for test management. You can get a 30 day trial of the QTM4J Jira app for test management. Functional testing ensures all aspects of a software are working correctly while regression testing ensures that new changes don't break the functionality of existing code. A test plan has test cycles which may be from different builds or different environments. It also ensures compliance for auditing, which becomes especially important for companies that are in regulated fields like medical device manufacturers. QMetry Test Management for Jira. Industries. One of the most powerful features of Xray is its requirements traceability. JIRA Concepts of Issue Tracking Issue types 4. A proper test management tool should define specifications/ authoring of the test cases, including the composition of the test cases and the reusable preconditions, and you can easily do that with Xray. Enhance Test Management with Zephyr for Jira. It converts regular JIRA issues into Test Cases and Test Plans, enabling users to define tests steps, create a test plan, and execute tests from a single place. The tool also provides a powerful Rest API, and ability to integrate with CI tools, along with out of the box reports for testing progress and real-time insights. The following steps will show you how to import your test cases, allowing JIRA to become a powerful test management tool. Stay tuned with the latest events and updates from QMetry. Jira will empower the testing process and handle test management in a better way. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. One of the main advantages of this tool is its add-on support. 2 Reviews. Test management tools simply consolidate several aspects of testing into one place. Test Management for Jira. If you want to understand how to write test cases in Jira, use this comprehensive guide. HipTest comes with simple to configure integration features that give you connectivity to … Jira – for traceability between issues and scenarios. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 65 countries, including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung, and Airbus. Test management solution is an important part of developing high-quality software. Empower your agile transformation with Xray’s extensible test management platform. Zephyr for Jira offers a robust set of testing tools inside the Jira environment without users having to navigate elsewhere. Jira itself has gadgets that can be easily added and configured to use Xray custom fields and generate reports such as lists of Test Executions and Test Sets with their current status, among others. This breaks down silos between testing and development teams which are otherwise working in separate tools. It checks all the boxes that a good test management tool must-have. Finally, with the right reporting and documentation, you are able to extract valuable data, meet requirements, and comply with regulations that require traceability. Not only is it cost effective, it is a workflow driven tool. Software Quality Analytics empower your teams to stay on track, measure and improve productivity and testing KPIs. Users can execute tests from JIRA on Jenkins and Bamboo, and then automatically import the results of automated tests from other tools into Jira. Versions in JIRA 7. Find out more about all things Quality with our infographics. Test organization and efficient management are indispensable to the overall quality of your product or release. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you are interested in evaluating QMetry for Jira, here’s your 30-day trial link. This means that it is easier for you to track test progress in Jira and collaborate with various team members. InZephyryou can still search the tests themselves using JQL as a test is just another issue type. With Xray, you get full traceability between requirements, tests, defects, executions. Jira-integrated functional testing tool for Agile and DevOps teams with simplified test management. Test Management in JIRA Issue Tracker. With the right test management tool, authoring test cases or importing them is a simple and easy process. In 2018 they underwent an agile transformation, and they chose Xray to help them manage over 100,000 test cases and test management activities. It supports exploratory testing with automated test case documentation and provides import/export utility and a migration tool. All you wanted to know about software testing approaches and practices. Test cycles have related test cases inside them. Yet, as with any other project management tool, Jira also comes with a couple of drawbacks… and according to some people, those drawbacks seem quite disadvantageous, to say the least. You can also review the code of an automated test to check what it’s doing, right from your issue tracker. QMetry Test Management releases v8.7 for SaaS and Server. With the popularity of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices, automated testing is gaining an increased slice of the overall testing specification. It includes dashboard gadgets, folder structure hierarchy and Excel views. It is a feature-rich tool with capabilities that include: Authoring, cloning, linking, versioning and reusability within Jira. We are always open for collaboration with like-minded teams aligned to the goal of delivering continuous quality to customers. TestFLO enables the entire test management process in JIRA. Xray is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software. iDalko France:+33 (0)1 84 88 43 80, Why you Need a Test Management Solution like Xray for Jira. Unified test automation for web, web services and mobile for agile and devops team to shift left. Some use cases for test management tools include the ability to: Link requirements and test cases directly to Jira issues; Manage testing from end-to-end by tracking requirements and test cycles; Track critical bugs and manage tests from one single interface; … Through proper organization, you are able to reduce the manual effort and focus on test strategy and risk mitigation. The integrations should be customizable and extensible via API. Xray is the fastest growing cloud app for Jira and a Success Story in the Atlassian Marketplace. They can execute these tests on different environments and consolidate the results. Comparing Xray and Zephyr: Which JIRA test management tool is for you? To find other test case management tools integrate with Jira, you can visit the Atlassian marketplace. In this guide, you’ll learn about the most important benefits and features of Xray, including full requirements traceability, integrations with the leading automation frameworks like Cucumber and Robot Framework, and advanced reporting to level up your software test management. Record test executions faster and smartly with cycles. Automated testing is one of the most important parts of any CI/CD pipeline because it ensures that testing is reliable, fast, and integrated. What are some Core Features of Xray for Jira? Get the free TestRail JIRA plug-in on the Atlassian marketplace. The integrated solution that delivers for testers, automation engineers, scrum masters and … The typical testing life cycle follows a set of phases that do not necessarily need to be executed sequentially. We recommend you organize your tests using Xray’s Test Repository, which lets your team organize all their tests into a hierarchy of folders and sub-folders to improve test execution and visibility of results. You can also do load tests, Functional Testing, UI Testing, security testing, and others, as well as direct integration with CI tools like Jenkins and Bamboo. Our REST API and out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to build your CI/CD pipeline. Klaros Test Management Klaros Test Management is a user-friendly tool for professional test management. Jira Plugins for Test Management. Test Management tools for Jira act as a central repository and enable every quality assurance team member to keep safe the records of test cases, test plans, test executions, reports, requirements, and specifications. Test Management for Jira is a QA and Test Management app inside Jira. Coverage is a key feature of Xray since it gives you the ability to analyze what the status of your issues are. Without the proper automated tests that run fast and have good coverage, there can be no successful DevOps workflow. TestFLO is a tool which covers the entire test management process in Jira. DevOps and Agile teams require significant testing efforts to deliver high-quality software in concert. Test early, more frequently and comprehensively and use automation to achieve cohesive release goals to shift left and achieve the DevOps ideal. To clarify Zephyr's product offerings, there is Zephyr Enterprise which is the stand alone platform and has a tight, real-time integration with JIRA for defect management but there is also the new "Zephyr for JIRA" which is a test management add-on to JIRA5 and allows you to manage your testing inside JIRA. Our partners are our extended team who help take the QMetry Digital Quality Platform to our customers worldwide. For example, you can group together all of your security tests or high-level business features in a Test Set. Make critical quality decisions using Coverage Analytics, Test Run Report and Traceability Reports, customize reports with dashboard gadgets across projects and teams. The benefits and features that we’ve listed above have a compound effect on the quality of your software testing. In the test details, you’ll want to specify if it’s a manual, generic, or automated test. But also, in cases that you don't require strict testing activities, Test Management for JIRA fits completely well providing to teams capabilities to specify and run tests in an "ad-hoc" manner, directly from their assigned issues. Xray for Jira is a Test Management tool that provides the structure to organize, plan, and report with accuracy on the progress of testing as well as the readiness to deploy. PractiTest offers a 30-days free trial. Its aim is to help companies improve the quality of their products through effective and efficient testing. Automated tests are implemented as code. Xray allows testers to create test plans for tracking sets of tests and planned or ad-hoc executions. Normally, these requirements will need to be reviewed by stakeholders. Zephyr Scale provides powerful visibility across your entire test management lifecycle, right inside Jira. It allows import of Test Cases from tools like such as TestLink, Zephyr, CSV, or REST. QMetry Test Management for Jira has a rich user experience with dashboard gadgets, folder structure hierarchy and Excel views. Organizations can use Atlassian Jira as a test management tool and eliminate the need for an additional product. This list brings to you the top 24 best test management tools of 2020. Test Management for Jira is a QA and Test Management app inside Jira. This will take you to the Xray execution screen. Without the proper tools to collaborate, there is often a lack of understanding between testers and developers, confusion on the status of everyone’s work, as well as poor requirements coverage.

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