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Requires an existing Altea Reservation Desktop subscription. Free Amadeus Online Practice Tests 3 Tests found for Amadeus Course 1 Drill 2 for Amadeus System 7 Questions | 4189 Attempts Airlines, e-ticketing Contributed By: Multiwings WebTravel Academy - … Discover Amadeus travel APIs and connect to the flight search, flight booking, hotel and destination content APIs that power the biggest names in travel. Through a set of interactive e-Learning videos learn what is ARD Web and how to display flights, create a Passenger Name Record (PNR), selling ancillary services, issuing documents, and servicing bookings using Altéa Reservation Desktop Web (ARD Web). With this commitment in mind, we have made available a secured internet connection (https) allowing users to connect faster and more efficiently to our applications. No competing 20+ lessons on the Altea DCS plus drills and quizzes Expires after 45 hours of usage or 180 days from first login. As a reservation agent, learn how to make reservations in Amadeus Altéa using a graphical interface. If your GDS is Amadeus or if the PNR already contained a flight segment on another Altéa-hosted carrier, the existing Amadeus Altéa locator will be used. Follow @AzureMktPlace. Now that we are operating Reservations, Inventory and Ticketing in Amadeus Altéa: A new record locator message for each of your PNRs will be generated to your GDS from Altéa. For customers. Use Azure AD to enable user access to Altea Reservation Desktop. February was an exciting month for us with the launch our newly designed websites in the Middle East and beyond, great news in the Indian sub-continent as SriLankan Airlines joined the Altéa community, and the fascinating industry debate that took place at the Amadeus Airline Schedules conference. Your Browser is not supported. For example, if you choose to study the Amadeus GDS, your instruction will take place around an Amadeus emulator where you can make practice reservations and issue electronic tickets. ... Azure Active Directory provides a simple step-by-step user interface for connecting Altea Reservation Desktop to Azure AD. Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Flight Management is a new generation load control platform specifically designed to enable you to ensure efficient flight departures and optimise the weight and balance process of all your handled flights. Altea Reservation Desktop Amadeus s.a.s. Unleash your business! © {{'COMMON.FOOTER_COPYRIGHT' | translate:translationData}} {{displayedAppVersion}} {{'DIAGNOSTICS.LINK_TEXT' | translate}} OpenAthens users login here Bureau van Dijk is constantly striving to enhance the performance of its applications. A powerful and customisable online booking & fulfilment platform designed in tune with the travel professionals specific needs. This Web site requires Internet Explorer >= 6

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